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Engagement & Wedding Rings

Now for a quick history lesson, as you may be curious to know where the fashion began. Legend dictates that in 1477, a lovestruck Austrian, Archduke Maximilian, came up with a gem of an idea: why not give Mary of Burgundy a diamond ring to celebrate their imminent engagement? He placed it on the third finger of her left hand - the finger believed by ancient Egyptians to have a vein that led straight to the heart.

Choosing an engagement ring is one of the most important purchases in a persons life and we pride ourselves on perfection and attention to detail, so you can be assured of quality with your individual design of engagement and matching wedding rings.

Bespoke & Individual

At Bijou & Co. we pride ourselves on personal service and individual designs. We know how important choosing an engagement ring or commissioning a unique piece of jewellery is, so we take time with you to discuss and design that special piece. We have an excellent approval service and our diamonds are direct from our suppliers, so you can be assured of choice, quality and value for money.

Gold Purchase

One service which proves to be very popular is the purchase of old gold; we give the current scrap price for all gold jewellery, which can be used against a new piece of jewellery or payment direct to you. It's a great feeling when you can make space in your jewellery box for something new.

Repairs and Service

Our skilled team in the workshop are highly experienced in working with old and new jewellery, from Victorian bracelets to modern gem-set pieces, so you can be assured of a first class repair. Whether re-tipping claws to replacing gemstones and matching coloured stones we will assess and quote for every job so there are no hidden costs.

Along with repairing those special pieces we also offer re-threading of pearls, a cleaning and re-finishing service, both either carried out on our premises or in our workshop. At all times your jewellery is completely safe and insured.